Date: 18.11.2017
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By Raj Yagnik

In May 2017 I responded to a call for proposals from UNESCO. The challenge was to create films promoting NET-MED Youth – an organisation which encourages and young people in the Southern Mediterranean to volunteer and get involved in civil society. It also supports Youth Organisations in the region – which includes: Algeria, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia.

We proposed a mix of animation and documentary footage – to lift what risked being quite a dry subect. The animation could maybe make visible some of the invisible work done.

The deadline was uncomfortably tight and some of the filming locations were very challenging. We were going to have to shoot with local crews in parallel and have a different animator for each film.

My first task was to find producers with links in the countries. Long-time collaborator Youssef Alaoui introduced me to Nada Issa and between them they assembled a team of great local film-makers – including the amazing Mariam Shahin and George Azar –  as I assembled an international team of award-winning animators in the UK, Spain, Belgium and Hungary.

Co-ordinating the production and post-production on such a large project is never easy and there were inevitably problems, delays and consequently reshoots in several countries.

The animators and the UNESCO team in Paris were given a first look at the edits (done by Adib Nessim and Youssef Alaoui) and could suggest re-ordering before developing a concept.

We worked with Awywav, Audio Networks and Soundthread on the music for the final films – using local musicians wherever possible. The sound effects and the dub were done by the excellent Ruth Rainey at WeAreAudio.

The final films can be seen here (subtitled in English):

NET-MED Youth Compilation film:

Animation by Tony Mines and Tim Drage

NET-MED Youth in Algeria with Meriem Chikiriou

Animation by Nicolai Troshinsky –

NET-MED Youth in Israel with Itay Weiss

Animation by Kim Noce –

Shot by George Azar

NET-MED Youth in Jordan with Wejoud Al-Nebelsi

Animation by Csaba Klement –

Music by Sign of Thyme

NET-MED Youth in Lebanon with Laetitia El Haddad

Animation by Peter Vacz –

Shot by George Azar

Music by Adonis

NET-MED Youth in Libya with Ahmed Tarhoni

Animation by Ngendo Mukii –

Music by Sign of Thyme

Shot by Sufian Said

NET-MED Youth in Morocco with Mazigh Chakir

Animation by Sophie Racine –

Music by: FNAIRE
Producer/Songwriter: MOHCINE TIZAF
Songwriter: ACHRAF AARAB

Group’s website:
Group’s Facebook Page:

NET-MED Youth in Palestine with Noor Swirki

Animation by Kris Genjin

Music by Sharq

NET-MED Youth in Tunisia with Abdelaziz Bousleh

Animation by Nicolai Troshinsky –

Shot by Ilyes Gaidi

Music by Houssem Eddine Chelbi
Producer: Dag Deg
Songwriter: Dag Deg

Group’s Facebook Page:

Many thanks to everybody who took part – the animators, shooters in all the countries and the amazing – and very patient – NET-MED Youth volunteers.


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