Liberia – Health Care in Margibi and Bong Counties

Date: 14.02.2013
Category: Health

I recently travelled with a group of UK Health workers on a fact finding visit to Liberia organised by Save the Children. We visited a number of clinics and hospitals in villages, towns and cities to get an overview of the current state of health care in a country that lost most of it’s infrastructure including 95% of its healthcare facilities in an incredibly bloody, 14 year civil war. The war ended in 2003 after UN intervention, and since then the international community and NGOs have been working tirelessly to restore the  foundation of a stable, functioning state.

The results of intervention can be seen everywhere and there was an overwhelmingly positive attitude in the people we met, despite the impoverished state of the country. Some of the health-workers have been writing their own experiences there aimed at other medical professionals. You can read Dr. Matt Prior’s excellent blog posts about this here.

Here are some images from the many facilities we visited.

Raj Yagnik 2013