Deep Fakes

Date: 20.12.2019
Category: Comedy, Making Of, Puppets, Video

The UK election in 2019 was a deeply depressing affair. The UK population, having suffered two terms of austerity, the hollowing out of public services and social protections, were now faced with an unenviable choice.

An opposition party far to the left of most Britons, wrong-footed by Brexit and with the weakest leader in living memory, or the ruling Conservatives, led by a strong and charismatic compulsive liar, with a cabinet of incompetent C-list politicians, tainted by corruption scandals and an¬†extremely right-wing ideology.¬†The bare-faced liars behind the Brexit project, that were soon to bring us “Herd Immunity”.

Just before the election, in a desperate attempt to fight off the feeling of powerlessness before the inevitable victory of the Tory party, we used sophisticated digitally-controlled technology to create a series of DEEP FAKE, satirical, videos. Don’t believe your eyes!