Exam Stress, Syrian Style 15.04.2018

by Raj Yagnik, Producer / Director In October 2016 I was having lunch with Michael Shaw, a journalist friend, trying […]

NET-MED Youth for UNESCO 18.11.2017

By Raj Yagnik In May 2017 I responded to a call for proposals from UNESCO. The challenge was to create […]

Plasticine 21.06.2017

By Roma Yagnik, Composer Back in December 2015 we got the opportunity to be part of a fun, nostalgic project […]

Afghanistan – Choices 29.05.2016

In October 2015, just after commencing production on our “In Their Own Words” documentaries for UNICEF MENA, I received an email from […]

South Sudan – A Magical Place 29.04.2016

by Raj Yagnik, Producer / Director In October 2015 UNICEF South Sudan approached us about making a film about their work. […]

Middle East – In Their Own Words 13.02.2016

by Youssef Alaoui, Director Towards the end of 2015 I shot and directed twelve short films with Wired Video for UNICEF, on […]

Morocco and Jordan – You Know Me 15.04.2015

by Raj Yagnik, Producer / Director In July 2014 UNICEF approached me about making a film to help promote a […]

Malawi – Because I Am A Girl 03.03.2015

UPDATE 04/03/15 Wow. The film has just been shared by Michele and Barack Obama. Great to see that 2 years […]